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AIZEN Ai Price Prediction Model

The first real AI driven trading software available to retail traders, AIZEN, an AI technology developed by Dr. Stephen D Friel, Kasper Liu PhD and Stefan Ojanen
"Feature engineering is a crucial research domain that plays a significant role in ensuring the successful convergence of machine learning and deep learning algorithms during training. It involves identifying and selecting the most relevant features that contribute to the predictive power of the model. Missing important features can lead to the failure of capturing the underlying trends and fluctuations in the data, resulting in poor model performance. Therefore, it is essential to perform feature engineering carefully and thoroughly to create a robust and accurate machine learning model" - Kasper Liu PhD
This technical documentation presents Red Beard Consulting's AI-based technical indicator approach and trading point decision approach, which aims to maximize trading profit through advanced AI techniques and historical data analysis.
The methodology involves training an AI model using historical trading data and optimizing profit calculation to identify profitable trading strategies for each client wallet.
The trading execution system generates output trading signals based on real-time market movements, and these signals are mapped to individual client wallets for personalized recommendations.
The technical implementation encompasses data collection, AI model development, training and testing, integration with existing systems, and client wallet mapping.
Red Beard Consulting's approach represents a significant departure from traditional trading strategies, leveraging AI to provide an automated and adaptive solution for optimizing trading profitability in the ever-changing market conditions.

Technical Overview of AIZEN AI Prediction Bot Development:

The AIZEN AI prediction software is a technologically advanced trading solution that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve asset price predictions. Unlike traditional rule-based bots, the AIZEN bot incorporates a flexible decision-making matrix based on real-time data, enhancing its accuracy and adaptability.
Training Process:
The development process begins with the construction of a training model through a comprehensive machine learning process. The model is trained using a massive dataset, which includes historical market data accumulated over several years, alongside a curated dataset specifically tailored for this project. Hundreds of millions of iterations of events, scenarios, and decision points are used to train the model, resulting in a battle-hardened AI capable of accurately determining asset prices within a 24 to 48-hour timeframe.
Flexible Decision Making:
Unlike the current strategies that rely on fixed rules, the AIZEN software employs an abstraction layer that enables it to make decisions beyond rigid rules. By leveraging its training model, our software analyzes the future direction of asset prices, detecting higher, lower, or unusual trends. It then generates trade recommendations based on this analysis, enabling more intelligent trading decisions.
Unique Indicators:
One of the key advantages of our AIZEN AI technology is its ability to trade using proprietary indicators generated by its own AI model. While other market participants rely on common indicators accessible to all, our AIZEN software leverages unique indicators, providing a competitive edge. This exclusivity allows AIZEN to make informed trades based on information that is not available to other traders, enhancing its overall performance.
Training Infrastructure:
The initial stages of training and testing occur on the lead engineer's local machine, utilizing specialized hardware, including video chips. This hardware configuration provides efficient computation during the testing phase. Subsequently, the AIZEN software is deployed to the Google Cloud platform for further training. The collaboration with Google has resulted in a grant providing $100,000 worth of cloud computing credits, which significantly reduces the costs associated with training the model, such as high electricity expenses.
Advantages of the Google Cloud Grant:
The Google Cloud grant enables AIZEN to conduct extensive training iterations that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive. Without this grant, the frequency and depth of training would be limited due to the substantial expenses involved. By having access to the grant, AIZEN can allocate sufficient resources to train the model multiple times, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.
Our AIZEN AI prediction software represents a significant advancement in trading technology. Through the utilization of AI and ML techniques, it surpasses traditional rule-based bots by incorporating flexible decision making based on real-time data. The unique indicators, combined with the extensive training on specialized hardware and the support of the Google Cloud grant, enable our AIZEN software to provide reliable and precise asset price predictions. This development has the potential to revolutionize trading strategies and can be further adapted for various exciting projects in the future.