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How it Works

Live your best life with we've got you covered is a leading platform that offers a comprehensive range of software products and services in the field of algorithmic trading and copy trading for financial markets. With a focus on crypto trading, and plans to expand into stocks and forex, provides advanced solutions to empower traders in achieving better returns and minimizing risks.
AIZEN AI Technology: innovative and groundbreaking AI technology developed by Dr. Stephen D Friel and Kasper Liu PhD, previously accessible only to top institutions. AIZEN represents a paradigm shift in trading technology, as it goes beyond traditional indicators and designs its own unique strategies that trade in a completely different manner.
By leveraging massive amounts of data, AIZEN identifies and executes optimal trading strategies for multiple cryptocurrency pairs across various exchanges. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, AIZEN continuously learns from market trends, adapting its approach and predicting future movements with remarkable accuracy. This enables traders to make well-informed decisions and achieve superior trading outcomes.
AIZEN's ability to design its own trading strategies sets it apart from other bots in the industry. It goes beyond relying on common indicators and instead creates innovative approaches that capitalize on unique market insights. This groundbreaking feature provides a significant advantage to traders who are looking to differentiate themselves and maximize their trading performance.
Self-Directed Automated Algo-Trading: offers self-service automated algo-trading bot strategies that utilize machine learning to track real-time technical indicators, optimizing returns. Clients have the freedom to choose their preferred tokens and timeframes and strategy for trading. The platform's automation capabilities streamline compliance processes, reduce trading costs, and minimize the risk of human error.
Automated Copy Trading: The platform also facilitates automated copy trading, providing options for spot and leverage trading. Top analysts curate trades, and the bot automatically copies these trades for customers, allowing them to benefit from the expertise of experienced traders while maintaining control over their funds. This feature enhances convenience and improves trading outcomes for users.
Non-Custodial and Investor-Centric Approach: ensures a non-custodial approach, prioritizing the security and control of investors' funds. Client funds remain in their custody throughout the trading process, offering peace of mind and flexibility. Investors have the autonomy to pause or stop trading at any time, further enhancing their control over their investment decisions.
Non-custodial portfolio replication for hedge funds: revolutionizes the way funds manage their clients' assets. By eliminating the need for custodial intermediaries, hedge funds gain direct control and transparency over the replication process.'s seamless integration with existing infrastructure enables real-time replication of investment strategies, ensuring accurate execution and synchronization. This innovative feature enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and allows hedge funds to offer clients a transparent and reliable investment experience. empowers traders with advanced software technologies and innovative solutions, providing a competitive edge in the dynamic world of financial markets. By combining the power of Artificial Inteligence, machine learning, algorithmic trading, and copy trading functionalities, revolutionizes the way traders approach the market, enabling them to make more informed decisions and achieve their financial goals.