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“There are different paths to your destination. Choose your own path.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita.

Q3 2022

  • Conduct extensive research and development to conceptualize and design a high-performing trading bot that leverages advanced algorithms and strategies to automate trading activities.
  • Finalize a partnership agreement with NOSIS to obtain commercial FSP and bot licenses, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating seamless integration of the bot with the NOSIS Platform.
  • Work on the UX/UI design of the platform, implementing best practices and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to optimize user experience and drive engagement.

Q4 2022

  • Secure an initial round of funding with Kismet Partners LLC to support further development of the platform, including IT infrastructure, talent acquisition, and marketing efforts.
  • Finalize funding for IT development on the NOSIS Dashboard, leveraging APIs and other technologies to enable seamless communication between the bot and the NOSIS Platform, and to facilitate data analysis and reporting.
  • Develop the 1st iteration of the bot design, incorporating non-AI strategies such as technical analysis and quantitative modeling, and conduct backtesting of strategies to evaluate their performance and refine the design.
  • Incorporate any necessary changes based on performance metrics and user feedback into the 2nd iteration of the bot design, leveraging machine learning and other advanced techniques to enhance performance and adaptability.

Q1 2023

  • Work on the 3rd iteration of the bot design, incorporating AI learning protocols such as deep learning and reinforcement learning to improve decision-making, prediction, and risk management capabilities.
  • Develop the website, leveraging scalable and secure web development frameworks, tools, and platforms to provide a robust and user-friendly online presence for the platform.
  • Integrate the bot with the NOSIS Platform, leveraging APIs and other technologies to enhance its functionality and enable seamless execution of trades and transactions.
  • Fine-tune trading strategies, leveraging AI and machine learning to optimize returns, minimize risks, and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Develop AI learning protocols, such as active learning and transfer learning, to facilitate continuous learning and improvement by the bot.
  • Complete backend infrastructure, including data storage, security, and performance monitoring, to ensure stability and reliability of the platform.
  • Integrate fiat and crypto payment systems, leveraging blockchain and other technologies to facilitate fast, secure, and low-cost transactions, and add leverage trading to expand the range of trading options available to users.

Q2 2023

  • Train proprietary AI and ML models, leveraging big data and cloud computing to enhance the performance and adaptability of the bot, and ensure scalability and cost-effectiveness of the platform.
  • Open beta testing to the public, leveraging user feedback and analytics to further refine the platform and ensure optimal user experience and regulatory compliance.
  • Engage strategic development team and commence the building of the AIZEN AI price prediction trading bot.
  • tech partner NOSIS Receives $100K Research Grant from Google to Fuel Exciting AI Price Prediction Trading Bot Project.
  • Beta test AIZEN prior to launch.
  • Publicly launch the platform in Q2 2023.
  • Secure funding for AI and ML training, marketing, and development, leveraging venture capital, angel investors, and other sources to support further growth and expansion of the platform.

Q3 2023

  • Development of AIZ token Economy.
  • Launch a comprehensive marketing campaign across all channels focusing on AIZEN, leveraging digital marketing, social media, and other tools to attract new users and investors, and establish the brand identity and reputation of the platform.
  • Activate the sales team, leveraging customer relationship management (CRM) tools and techniques to increase revenue generation and customer retention, and identify new opportunities for growth and innovation.
  • Implement a referral system, leveraging gamification and other incentives to incentivize users to invite their networks to the platform and expand its user base.
  • Conduct the 2nd round of AI and ML training, leveraging active learning and other techniques to further improve the performance and adaptability of the bot, and roll out AI-enhanced strategies to provide users with more sophisticated and customized trading options.
  • Development of AIZEN-X social sentiment bot
  • Utilizing the strategic team that created AIZEN put into development the creation of a high frequency trading portal using specific high frequency trading strategies on

Q4 2023

  • Achieve profitability by increasing revenue and reducing costs, leveraging business intelligence and data analytics to optimize pricing, fees, and operating expenses, and to identify new revenue streams and growth opportunities.
  • Development of ALDO personal virtual assistant.
  • Provide white label and enterprise solutions for corporate clients and partners, leveraging APIs and other technologies to enable customization, branding, and integration with their existing systems and workflows, and to generate additional revenue streams and partnerships.
  • Development of FLOWTRADE Quantum (FTQ) High frequency trading.
  • Develop and implement a strategy to leverage existing relationships and target FTQ at hedge funds, family offices, VC's and HNWI.
  • Launch FLOWTRADE Quantum (FTQ).

Q1 2024

  • Capitalize on the uniqueness of FTQ's high frequency trading strategies and our proprietary trading portal capable of handling trades that execute at the speed of light.
  • Integrate the forex and stock markets, leveraging APIs and other technologies to expand the range of trading options available to users, and to provide access to new asset classes and markets, such as commodities, indices, and derivatives.
  • Launch AIZEN-X
  • Continue to Integrate and develop additional FTQ high frequency trading strategies via the high frequency trading portal for crypto, stocks and forex.
  • Further development of AIZEN AI trading tools, integrate FTQ into AIZEN, leveraging emerging technologies and cutting-edge research to enhance the performance, adaptability, and innovation of the bot and the platform. Continue to be a market leader by staying ahead of the competition through innovation, research, development and the leveraging of relationships both in and outside of the crypto space.
  • AIZ Token Generation Event
  • Conduct a 2nd round of marketing campaigns for forex and stocks integration, leveraging data-driven and customer-centric marketing strategies to attract new users and investors, and to increase brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Develop apps on IOS and Android, leveraging mobile development frameworks and best practices to provide a seamless and responsive user experience, and to expand the reach and engagement of the platform.
  • Provide a buy-out exit opportunity for investors, leveraging legal and financial expertise to ensure transparency, fairness, and compliance with regulatory requirements, and to provide liquidity and returns for investors who want to exit their investment.
  • Leveraging project management methodologies and tools to plan, track, and communicate the progress and milestones of the platform development, and to ensure alignment and accountability among stakeholders and team members.