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The Challenge

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” – Molière
The challenge is that all traders and institutions in the cryptocurrency industry often rely on the same indicators, resulting in predictable and contradictive outcomes.
We understand that the cryptocurrency industry is rapidly growing, with a global market cap surpassing $3 trillion in 2021, and an average 24-hour trading volume of over 112 billion.
In the cryptocurrency industry, traders face various challenges such as frustration from missed profit opportunities, limited knowledge of market volatility, market noise, emotional biases, and the need for effective risk management. addresses these challenges through advanced tools and sophisticated algorithms that facilitate time management. By leveraging our platform, traders can stay abreast of market trends and respond to changing conditions promptly.
We recognize the importance of a decentralized exchange to handle automated bot trading, providing secure and transparent trading without the need for intermediaries, reducing the risk of errors or breaches.
Unlike traditional financial markets, the cryptocurrency industry is largely unregulated and operates 24/7, creating an overwhelming amount of information. Retail traders and investors often lack the necessary skills to trade professionally and undertake heavy financial analysis. Institutional investors primarily focus on lending/borrowing markets, leaving the crypto market largely driven by retail traders.
Given the volatility of the market, there is a need for tools that track and analyze the rising and falling trends, helping users make informed investment decisions and create their portfolios. At, we have developed a revolutionary platform that empowers retail traders to hedge their exposure in the burgeoning crypto market as well as efficiently and effectively manage their portfolios all on one platform. With our advanced tools and sophisticated algorithms, we aim to help traders make the most of this rapidly growing industry, which is largely driven by retail traders.